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Will it stop a bullet? 2 shooting fire extinguishers lighters gummy & more!

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Will It Stop A Bullet? 2 Shooting Fire Extinguishers Lighters Gummy & More!

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Comment : Will it stop a bullet? 2 shooting fire extinguishers lighters gummy & more!


'i think its gonna end up in Uranus'

Keely Ball
Keely Ball

Do a part 3

the mango bro
the mango bro

The bullet destroyed uranus

Jefferson Gamer
Jefferson Gamer

Warning: Do not try this at home

Dragon girl
Dragon girl

Try the 4 foot gingerbread house!!

Crisp always
Crisp always

Have you guys ever thought of the bullet bouncing back at you

Robert Sch
Robert Sch

The USA in a Nutshell

_ Gamehedgehog _
_ Gamehedgehog _


Jon Stamm
Jon Stamm

Danny and Joey in their element.


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