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Will it stop a bullet? 2 shooting fire extinguishers lighters gummy & more!

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Will It Stop A Bullet? 2 Shooting Fire Extinguishers Lighters Gummy & More!

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Comment : Will it stop a bullet? 2 shooting fire extinguishers lighters gummy & more!

Mero Chan
Mero Chan

News flash.

It's Z And Me!
It's Z And Me!

Are you even allowed to do this?

Just A Kitten watching other peoples comments
Just A Kitten watching other peoples comments

Dunno? Maybe shoot some of those liquid ass.

Jefferson Gamer
Jefferson Gamer

Warning: Do not try this at home


Please tell more about the gun your shooting and about the bullet and what type bullet your shooting not just the target. Otherwise pretty good!

Ethen Pillay
Ethen Pillay

Some of these bullets might be illegal f605

Robert Sch
Robert Sch

The USA in a Nutshell

Allen Rogers
Allen Rogers

It didn’t stop in Uranus. It destroyed Uranus.

Earl Galang
Earl Galang

Dirty Mind in

Jon Stamm
Jon Stamm

Danny and Joey in their element.


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